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Friday, August 22, 2008

Updating My Website

After almost three years of looking at the same gloomy website, I have decided to give it a face lift. I have some ideas about how to arrange the data and some new pages that I would love to create but I haven't quite meshed out whether or not I want to change the color scheme. I am thinking that its current green, blue and black font on grey background is starting to look depressing.

I originally picked those colors because I thought the "coolness" of them would bring calm, peace and serenity to the pages. I am at a much different point in my life and in my business now. I think I want to make the color scheme much more vibrant to emphasize my love of life and desire to live it to its fullest. My favorite color is purple so maybe something in the red, orange, pink and purple family. I'll have to hunt around in FrontPage to see if there is something that I like. I have to also consider that my business cards follow that same color scheme but they don't look so drab. Maybe FrontPage has a theme using the same colors but looks more crisp.

I plan to upload the new site within two weeks. It may be even sooner depending on my workload. I am really excited to be finally redesigning it. I am hoping that the new site will make it much easier for potential clients to access the information they seek and provide more insight into my expertise. Something else new is that I will have a direct link from one of the navigation tabs directly to this blog. Previously, my "Blog" link actually went to my articles so this is a nice change.

I am also making room for my Building Bridges radio show which I plan to make bigger and better now that I have some great guests lined up for September. You can expect great things to happen on the show. Additionally, I am finally getting back to working on my CAN-TV show of the same name which should air by December. The show schedule, guest bios and archives of past shows will all be available on this new tab of my site.

Once I have uploaded the new site, I will definitely let you know. As always, your feedback will be very important to me at that time.

1 comment:

anya5000 said...

ok. i look at your pic (and though i havent met you) i see some one who looks fun. then i clock the werbsite and it does look a little boring. i say GO PURPLE!!