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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Neat Goal Setting Tool

I was searching the web looking for additional time management tools that might come in handy and came across GoalMaker. This is a great piece of software that downloads right to your pc. It walks you through creating a database that you use to set up SMART goals including deadlines, constraints and resources needed to complete the goal. You can then track your progress. What's more, the software can work in conjunction with MS Access and Outlook making a streamlined system of accountability. Using this in conjunction with RescueTime can be a great benefit.

As an even added bonus, you can download a free trial right now. For coaches who can really use this tool to add value to their client's sessions, you can upgrade to the "Consulting" edition which will allow you to duplicate the databases and either include this goal-setting tool as part of your standard coaching practice or add it as an upsell. Click the banner below for additional information.

Plan to Succeed with GoalMaker

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Edison Thomaz said...

Hi - We've recently introduced a new version of our time and activity analytics solution, Slife v2.0. It's now available for Mac/Windows and you can extend it to multiple users with Slife Teams.

It's similar to RescueTime in some ways. Give it a try - the Slife client is free. We would love to know what you think.