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Thursday, June 10, 2010

More About Writing

As some of you very well may know, I had just gotten my action plan together to monetize my writing when I got blindsided. eHow seemed like it was going to be my bread and butter, my meat and potatoes, my foie gras. I was really starting to earn a nice passive residual income from my articles and had high hopes of writing many more. Unfortunately, suddenly the eHow site started having all of these major glitches and issues that prevented publishing and then some genius over at the parent company decided to stop accepting articles direct from eHow and to move everyone over to the Demand Studios site. What a load of bologna!

First off, any old average Joe was able to write for eHow. Although there were a few crappy articles, for the most part eager writers offered some really helpful how-to information and advice on how to do just about anything. I didn't mind the typos or grammatical errors if the information was useful. On top of that, the articles were literally SEO keyword goldmines which made the whole site a Google favorite.

Writing for Demand Studios is a much different animal in that they have a lengthy approval process and want you to be a serious, professional writer. The earnings are also kind of sucky. I have yet to complete my first article because I'm in limbo with getting my author's bio to the proper format according to their stupid, strenuous guidelines. I don't even think I have a live link to my profile page yet. Seriously? I didn't sign up for this.

My suggestions: HubPages and Associated Content are the way to go. Both still have their guidelines but you still have a good chance to earn something nice for quality, well-written articles. If you find out about any other great article-submission sites (I know about Squidoo and Bukisa - still testing those out), please let me know.

Back to the drawing board I go. :)