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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day & Content Contests

Well I must say that I sure do have a lot of crazy contacts within my circle of influence. Everyone seems to have gone content bananas and are insistent upon dragging me through the grind with them. Okay, so maybe I'm not being dragged but this sure is the nice swift kick in the butt I needed to get myself going.

A few weeks ago my blogging buddy, Ivo, decided to get me hooked on Squidoo. It was actually a Twitter friend, Marguerite (affectionately known as momsherbs among us twits), who did it to me but Ivo generated this thing called the 60-Day-Squidoo Challenge that has really gotten my goat. Squidoo is basically a free site that allows users to build single pages about their passions. The cool thing about Squidoo is that it allows you to either share in the advertising revenue from display ads on your pages or you can opt to have your share donated to charity. In any case, I have gotten hooked and have already posted 6 pages, also known as lenses. I would have done more than that by now but I have been focusing much of my attentions to my website redesign project. I will definitely catch up after this week.

Then along comes Carrie Lauth with her 30 Day, 30 Article Challenge. I have to blame another of my Twitter friends, LaTara Ham-Ying, for this one. I might have to stop reading her updates as she is always posting something for me to get hoodwinked into. Last week it was the Green Smoothie Challenge. Argghhh! Didn't opt to do that one though, as I was already on my own brand of green smoothie cleanse but, had I not been, I sure would have leaped at this.

In any case, Carrie's blog is challenging participants to write 30 articles per month. That can seem like a lot of writing but given that I need content for Squidoo, eHow, this blog and my newly designed website, this should be right up my alley. Besides, article marketing is a great traffic generator. I distribute my articles to free submission sites which then get picked up by other publishers throughout the world wide web. The benefit to this is that my contact and affiliate links go right along with my expertise demonstrated in the quality content of the article. I have had several intro coaching requests from my articles and even a few reporters seeking interviews for my local papers.

So the bottom line is that I am up for both challenges. It is a positive thing to keep me held accountable to my promises to maintain quality content everywhere I post on the web. Feel free to click the links within this blog post to join the challenges as you see fit. Leave me a comment if you do decide to join me in creating great content so we can support one another.

Happy Labor Day!!!!

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