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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pay It Forward

Last night I watched the new television show "i-Caught" that is airing on ABC. At the end of the show, a campaign was highlighted in which individuals wrote a single life-changing word or phrase on the palm of their hands and filmed it in silence. Some of the words were "peace", "love", "stop war", "give hugs" and "altruism".

After viewing the show, I began to think of some really great simple and inexpensive ways to pay it forward. So I am inviting all of my friends and colleagues to participate in a nationwide "Love Call". At 8 PM (any time zone), call a random stranger. It could be from a business card you happened to pick up or a name you pulled out of the phonebook. Call that person and simply say "Just wanted to let you know someone loves you" or any variation of that phrase and then hang up. If you their voicemail, definitely leave a message. Feel free to call anonymously using the *67 feature on your phone. Come back here to post your feelings and responses after you do it.

Let's see how we can change the world with a simple gesture of love!


Azzitizz said...

What a nice concept.

Unfortunately us Brits aren't quite that open with our feelings nowadays, even though it's anonymous. We would probably get a torrent of abuse back. Sad, but that's the way life is over here now.

What a lovely name, how do you pronounce it, Nickenya? Nickwenya?


Kimaya's Blog said...

What a silly idea mom. I wonder if anybody will do it.