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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have been absent for the entire month of December in preparation to get some things cranking in the New Year. I want to make 2008 my year to be great and encourage you to do the same. It is time to stop putting my dreams, hopes and aspirations on the backburner. It is time to move mountains and grasp hold of want I want to do. The time to work is NOW!

So here's an update:
December brought a lot of changes for me. I will try to inform you of as much as I can here. First, I completed training with New Life Coach Inc. and am now certified as a Christian Life Coach. And guess what? The coaching certification and training did not cost me thousands of dollars. New Life Coach Inc. is a wonderful non-profit organization that offers free coaching to low income individuals. The organization is based in Chicago and run by a wonderful Christian woman named Bridget Burns. Bridget welcomed me as a volunteer coach and walked with me in my journey to complete my certification. I feel highly blessed by her presence in my life. After excelling in my training and making such a positive impression on Bridget, I was appointed as Director of Services for the organization. I am very excited about this new journey.

Secondly, I am currently in negotiations and collaborations with another great company run by Allan Goldin, former president of the Evelyn Wood speedreading company. Allan now has his own company called Kinetic Advanced Learning. I have always been an advocate of life long learning. We are looking to take personal and professional development to a whole new level.

Other wonderful things that happened in December, well I broke my ankle. I know you are probably wondering how that can be wonderful. Laws of attraction. Apparently I needed to sit down so I am looking at this injury as an opportunity for me to catch up on some things that I have been neglecting. I am spending more time with my children and getting some writing done. This brings me to the next great thing... I published another eBook. This one is a 50-page practical guide to time and project management. It is not just for business folks either. It is for anyone who has a goal and needs to accomplish it. This is especially important at this time of year - the beginning - when everyone is attempting to make a fresh start. In fact, I have developed a whole success system for the New Year. It includes the time management eBook as well as a one-year membership to the Success Seekers Mastermind group and special one-on-one coaching sessions for you and a family member or friend. You can find more information at

My New Year's promises to myself:
To be more diligent in taking care of me
To continue my journey for knowledge
To grow in my spiritual walk with God
To find a church home
To give fully in my relationships

Stay powerfully blessed and keep thinking your dreams out loud.

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