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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mind, Body & Spirit Continued

I can't help but stay on this current thought pattern. I have been constantly reviewing in my mind how all relationships have to have a foundational connection of mind, body and spirit. It is a divine trinity inherent in all things. I see all of these examples in the universe of how if any one of these foundational parts falls away, the entire system gets broken. You can't have the Father without the Son & the Holy Ghost. You can't have the mind and body without the spirit.

What does this mean? Think about every relationship you have ever been in, whether it was a friend or a lover. What made the relationship work? If you are no longer in that relationship, what made it fall apart? If you truly examine these things, you will see that there could not be harmony if you did not intimately connect on all three levels. You had to receive some sort of stimulation by the other person's intellect (mind). You had to be in similar shape in order to enjoy the same activities (body). You had to feel enlightened or fulfilled by the other person's energy (spirit).

This could manifest in so many ways. Let me give a couple of examples. I will start with a friend since many people are confused on how a friend could possibly meet you in mind, body and spirit. You could have a college education and your friend could be a high school dropout. Where does your conversation go? Or you could be a great dreamer and your friend could be stuck in negativity or complacency? Where does your conversation go? You are not in the same place in your minds so conflict occurs. Similarly, you could be overweight and your friend could be average or skinny. You can't participate in many of the activities your friend could because of weight and there could be resentment there. Or your friend might egg you on to eat foods that they can metabolize faster than you can. You are not connected in body. Finally, you could strongly uphold Christian values while your friend is worshipping Satan. You do not connect in spirit and thus, conflict arises. You can use your imagination to think of examples of how mind, body and spirit connections could affect a sexual relationship.

The point is that when one of these things is missing, it negatively affects the other two. You can be connected in mind and body but if your spirit is not in the same place, your intellect tells you to move. You could be connected in mind and spirit but disconnect in body puts a drain on your spirit. You could be connected in body and spirit but disconnect in mind drains the body and dampens the spirit.

Think about how this has manifested in your life. Be conscious of how each of your relationships is affecting you in mind, body and spirit. Remove those people who do not connect with you on all three levels as only conflict can arise from this imbalance.

Happy Living!

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