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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mind, Body & Spirit

I am in a place in my life where I am starting to examine and reexamine all of my relationships. As I continue to grow on my own path to personal and professional development, it is becoming ever more pertinent that I cleanse my inner circle of toxic people. I can no longer afford to allow negative people to drain my time and energy or else I may and have become stagnated in this journey.

I refuse to accept less than what God has intended for me on this earth. With that being said, I have found the need to end a long-term relationship of over 8 years that is absolutely not going anywhere. Doing this will allow a door to be opened for true love and companionship to enter into my heart. So today as I reflect on my former needs and interests, realizing that many of my criteria for a mate were not much more than superficial, I am putting in a new request to God and the universe to send me what my heart most desires. I want someone who can meet me on my level in mind, body and spirit. Someone who can share my triumphs and comfort me in my trials. Someone who can support my dreams and stand with me in the lord. Someone who is physically fit and can partner with me in achieving health and longevity.

This is my new affirmation: to refuse any relationship, be it casual or intimate, friend or lover, that does not allow me continued fulfillment in my God-inspired purpose and to open my heart to those who are willing to bond with me fully in mind, body and spirit. I will say NO to toxic people and YES to God's love.

I put this challenge to you, my faithful readers, what types of toxic people and/or negative relationships are you allowing to fester on your soul and stagnate your hopes and dreams? Are you really getting what you need from the connections you have made? What will you do today to invite more positivity into your inner circle?

Happy Living!

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