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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacations Are Absolutely Necessary

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take advantage of a time share package as a referral by my aunt. I had never experienced the fun of a time share before now. It was...AWESOME!

First off, this was a much needed vacation. It has been a few years since I've actually been out of the state so I was glad that my destination was sunny Florida, especially in the dead cold of a Chicago winter. Things have been really hectic with me trying to balance all of my commitments. I have had many speaking opportunities lately and my 2009 special has had me VERY busy with coaching clients. Not to mention, I am sooooooo late with launching my new website update. Matter-of-fact, I can't believe I fully designed and launched the Life Coach Support Network's new site already.

Also, this being Valentine's Day weekend was a great plus. I hardly ever celebrate this holiday for lovers because my daughter's birthday is the 13th. Lo and behold, at 16 years old she thought that spending her birthday in Florida with her mom's the word these kids say today? LAME! So I packed up my son, my boyfriend and myself and off we headed to sunny Florida on a Greyhound. That was kind of crazy but we did it to save a little money on transportation. Plus taking the bus really was an adventure. I collected a shot glass from every state we stopped in including Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Georgia.

The resort itself was FABULOUS. We stayed at the Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club. Our 1-bedroom suite included a full kitchen complete with dishes, an in-room laundry, sofa bed and a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom. The grounds were ginormous and included 7 pools, a mini-golf course, a park, restaurants and a full-range golf course. The best way to get around the resort is by car or golf cart. I don't recommend going without a car rental as we did this time but we survived because I brought groceries with us and we were only staying for the weekend. Week-long stays would require a car.

It was a lot of fun. We played mini-golf, swam, took long walks, watched the Disney World fireworks from our balcony, took a tour of the resort and much more. I did end up buying the timeshare which I originally planned on not doing but I just couldn't pass up the offer. The key is to hold off until the salespeople get to the very last bare bones offer. Don't immediately buy. They will most likely drop the price three to four times before they give up and there's often freebies in it for you as incentives.

So my advice to you today is to TAKE A VACATION! Whether it is a stay-cation or you're lucky enough to go farther, just do it. It is soooooo worth it. I came back relaxed and ready to work.

Oh and as an added tidbit, my new timeshare ownership allows me to extend the same offer to friends, family and associates as my aunt did for me. If you want to take advantage of all the amenities a timeshare has to offer for just a fraction of the price, let me know and I will extend a referral your way. Just email me your request.

You can also take a stay-cation in Chicago or many other cities using a Go Card.

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